What You Should Know About Angels

Charlene Altemose, MSC

Artists, writers, and musicians have attempted to capture for us a glimpse of what they might be like. Philosophers, theologians, and clergy have surmised about their deeper importance within our faith-life. Yet most people still feel that angels are a mystery.

The current popularity of angels is an enigma for many, including Sister Charlene Altemose. Like others, she asks, "Why is there a sudden interest in angels when the world seems so estranged from spiritual values?"

Whatever the reason for their magnetic appeal, Altemose sees this interest as an opportunity to rediscover the role angels play in our lives. She invites us to explore four avenues that inform and inspire us toward a more familiar rapport with angels:

Angels--A Mystery of Faith
Angels in Tradition and Theology
Angels in Human Imagination and Creativity
Angels in Prayer and Human Experiences


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What You Should Know About Angels

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