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We are pleased that you are considering Liguori Publications for your manuscript. To help you determine how well your material fits our publishing program, please read the information that follows and browse our website.

Liguori Publications’ vision is to be the leading provider of Catholic resources for every stage of faith and life in an ever-changing world. We produce books, articles, pamphlets, and parish resources in English and Spanish, and in print and digital formats. We joyfully practice our faith and seek to serve the people of God through prayer/meditation, Christian living, sacramental preparation, faith formation, Bible study, and educational/catechetical resources.

As a general rule, Liguori Publications does not accept the following:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Biography/autobiography
  • Private revelations
  • Art/illustrated books
  • Works that are secular, not founded in Christian belief and tradition, or contrary to the Redemptorist mission.

Rather, we are looking for products that include, but are not limited to, these themes:

  • Meditations on the seasons of the Church Year (Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter) or on liturgical readings and texts
  • Stories on, or reflections with, the life, words and works of the saints
  • Studies, guides, and books for receiving, ministering, and experiencing the sacraments.

Please note: In addition, we do not respond to general query letters or review proposals or manuscripts that are simultaneously submitted to other publishers, nor do we accept responsibility for lost or unsolicited manuscripts.



To help us adequately evaluate your proposal, we ask that you provide the following. Please be as complete and to-the-point as possible:


  1. I.      General Information
    1. Author’s name, address, telephone, email, fax (if applicable)
    2. Author’s biography, including your unique qualifications to create this product
    3. Subject discipline (prayer, Christian living, faith formation, etc.)
    4. Tentative title and subtitle
    5. Type of publication (book, pamphlet, digital product, etc.)
    6. II. Production Information
      1. Overview: Write a brief description of the product and its overall objective. How will it be structured (organized), and what is the proposed word count?
      2. What question does it answer for the reader?
      3. Sample Table of Contents
      4. Sample Chapter
      5. Proposed timeline for completion
      6. III. Market Information
        1. Primary market: Indicate those audiences that need this material, and why they need it. Be as specific as possible. Provide evidence of need.
        2. Secondary market: List those groups in addition to the primary market who would also benefit from using this material.
        3. Competition: Research other products that are direct competition to this product. Include title, author, and ISBN. List their strengths and weaknesses, and what makes your product different, superior, or supplementary.
        4. If none exist, in what way is your approach or topic unique?
        5. Contact information of people for possible endorsements/testimonials.


Submit your proposal via email:


Submit your proposal via mail:

Submissions/Editorial Department

Liguori Publications

One Liguori Drive

Liguori, MO 63057-9999


Your proposal will be evaluated by the acquisitions staff, and an Acquisitions Editor will contact you in approximately eight to twelve (8-12) weeks with an initial review. If your proposal is rejected, you will receive a rejection notification. If it is considered a possibility for future publication, the next steps are:

  1. The Acquisitions Editor, along with a Marketing Specialist, will develop a more comprehensive proposal that includes a profit-and-loss evaluation, a plan for publication, and a marketing/publicity plan. They will present this to the Acquisitions Committee.
  2. The Acquisitions Editor may request additional information. Perhaps the Committee wishes to reconsider the proposal under a revised structure or format, or new ideas have come up that might change the product.
  3. The proposal is accepted, in which case you will be notified and the contractual process will begin. You will be asked to fill out an author questionnaire. This will provide us with a more in-depth understanding of you as an author and of the work in progress. The Acquisitions Editor will set deadlines and monitor the manuscript as it moves from concept to production.

We are always eager to find new authors and new ideas that meet our publication goals. Thanks again for considering Liguori Publications.– The Acquisitions Team