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Rights and Permissions

Would you like to reuse content from Liguori Publications? It’s easy for businesses, academic institutions and individuals to secure permissions to reuse content. Connect instantly to licensing services at, where you can choose from a list of options regarding how you would like to reuse your desired content and complete the transaction. If you are unable to locate the content online at, then Liguori Publications is currently not able to grant the right to this content.

For purchases, please contact a sales representative by calling (800) 325-9521. is operated by Copyright Clearance Center, a global rights broker that promotes the seamless sharing of knowledge by creating innovative licensing solutions that let academic institutions, businesses, and individuals quickly get permission to use copyright-protected materials while compensating authors, publishers, and other content creators for the use of their works.

For other requests, please contact:

Rights and Permissions Editor
Liguori Publications
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