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Mind Your Body, Work Your Soul

Clare Strockbine

Being healthy is a journey, but not just a physical journey. In Mind Your Body, Work Your Soul, Clare Strockbine teaches us that there is much more to living healthy than diet and exercise, touching on two important, highly connected, aspects of our being-spiritual and physical. Finding a balance between the two can be difficult, but together, they can help us to become a better person on our journey of faith. Strockbine encourages you to find your passions, live them into health, and to let your health carry you into freedom. Once that freedom starts to grow in your heart, you will want to feel that freedom in all that you are and do-and to want that freedom in your physical existence as much as in our spiritual. This book will discuss the interconnectedness of our spiritual and physical person, and help to lead you toward a balanced and healthy life.
Clare Strockbine completed her undergraduate studies at the Universityof Scranton, after which she spent two years volunteering in Duran, Ecuador.Clare went on to earn a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from the Universityof Dayton. In pursuit of a passion for health, wellness, Clare became a certified Zumba® instructor and AFAA personal trainer. Clare now resides in San Antonio, TX, with her husband, Yonatan, and continues to teach Zumba®, and works at St. Mary’s University, serving as adjunct faculty in the Exercise and Sports Science department and as University Minister for Social Justice.
Publish Date Jun 01, 2013
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Mind Your Body, Work Your Soul

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