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Mi pequeña Biblia hispana/ My Little Hispanic Bible

Textos de Lucas Teixeira / Ilustraciones de Lula Guzmán

This Bible, adapted for children ages 4-9, teaches you the story of how God has revealed his love for us. Read how God created the world, how he freed the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt and much more! Learn about the first part of the Bible, called the Old Testament. In the second part, the New Testament, learn about the life of Jesus and his Apostles and see how the Jesus' message spread throughout the world.

Con esta Biblia conocerás la historia de cómo Dios nos ha revelado su amor. Verás cómo Dios creó el mundo, después conocerás cómo liberó al pueblo de Israel de la esclavitud de Egipto y muchas historias más. En la primera parte de la Biblia, el Antiguo Testamento, aprenderás todo sobre estos acontecimientos. En la segunda parte, el Nuevo Testamento, podrás leer sobre la vida de Jesús y conocerás cómo los apóstoles extendieron su mensaje por todo el mundo.

Rev. Lucas Teixera was born in Ijui, Brazil in 1974. Father Teixera holds a degree in Philosophy and in Theology from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy. Father Teixera was ordained priest in 2007 and specializes in Holy Scripture.

Lula Guzmán is a distinguished children's illustrator. Her recent works include the Sophie Wonders Series.

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Mi pequeña Biblia hispana / My Little Hispanic Bible

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