Living Your Penance: Reconciliation and Renewal

Michelle Francl-Donnay

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What does the Church teach us about the penance we are assigned during the sacrament of Reconciliation? In Living Your Penance, Michelle Francl-Donnay guides us through the sacrament of reconciliation, highlighting why it is such an important sacrament for us. She encourages us to live our penances each and every day and challenges us to pay attention to the blessings in our lives. Share in the sacramental experience and learn why reconciliation is so important in our faith, our lives, and hearts.

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Michelle Francl-Donnay is a professor of chemistry, a writer and (not incidently) the mother of two teens. Her column, Catholic Spirituality, appears weekly in the Philadelphia Archdiocese's paper, the Catholic Standard & Times, and she is a regular essayist for the science journal Nature Chemistry. Her essays have appeared in several collections, including Professing and Parenting and The Open Laboratory 2009. She also blogs about the connections between chemistry and culture at The Culture of Chemistry.
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Living Your Penance

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