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Ideas & Activities

Engaging children during the catechetical process takes lots of imagination and a large collection of tools. Provided here are selected activities from our products and ideas to use them during various church seasons, national holidays, and to supplement your daily lesson plans. Each activity has four components for you to use:

The story with a connection to the activity sheet
Discussions starters based on the saint’s story
The activity sheet lead-in that matches the theme of the story
An idea to carry the theme into later class activities

See the following saints' activities.

Saints Activities for Back to School

Joachim and Anne: Family Tree, Feast Day: July 26
Thomas the Apostle: Building a Community, Feast Day: July 3
Kateri Tekakwitha: Be Open to Adventure, Feast Day: July 14

Saint to Celebrate Catholic Schools Week

Elizabeth Ann Seton: January 4

Saints to Celebrate Advent

Nicholas of Myra: Giver of Many Gifts, Feast Day: December 6
Lucy: A Light for Jesus, Feast Day: December 13
Mary and Joseph: Models of Faith and Love, Feast Day: Generally December 30

Saints Activities to Get Back into the School Groove

Back to school means new starts. There are the “Getting to Know You” sheets that teachers give parents about how the classroom rules and lesson objectives will look this year. There are forms for parents to fill out for the office, about their child’s learning styles, and the “About Me” activities for the kids.

Here are some fun ways to integrate some saints with summer feast days into the “Welcome” activities for the classroom. Each activity also includes a free downloadable activity sheet.

Joachim and Anne: All About Me

Saint ConnectionJoachim and Anne: Love for Generations

Feast Day: July 26

Have you ever made a family tree? There are many saints that show us how to be loving and caring members of our family. Mary’s parents, Jesus’ grandparents, taught Mary about the love of God, and she learned a lot and passed this love on to her family—her husband Joseph, and her child Jesus.

Discussion Starters

Who are some family members who are special to you? Why?
What are some of your favorite family memories?

Activity Sheet

All About Me Family Tree

Classroom Activity

These trees can be part of each student’s “Student of the Week” activity board. Or maybe your school has another similar way getting to know your area.

Thomas the Apostle: We’re All in This Together

Saint ConnectionThomas the Apostle: Builder and Believer

Feast Day: July 3

Everyone loves to be a part of a community—a family, a parish, a school, a sports team. And everyone contributes something special to the community—you help out at home, pay attention at school, participate at mass, and teams are all about every player doing their part. Thomas was a builder. He shared the love of Jesus with others, and built them churches so they could gather together.

Discussion Starters

How can you be a good member of your community?
How can you help at home?
How does following classroom rules make you a good classroom member?
Why do we sing along with everyone at mass?
Think about the local food pantry. Could they do their good work without the help from the rest of the community?

Activity Sheet

Community Roles

Classroom Activity

Community Roles
Using a large piece of paper, draw a grid to be a town with streets and squares to be buildings. Let each student add one part and talk about how everyone’s ideas make the town complete.

Draw a line from each person the community where they serve. What other roles in the community can you think of?

Kateri Tekakwitha: We’re On Our Way

Saint ConnectionKateri Tekakwitha: Model of Bravery

Feast Day: July 14

Kateri is the patron of nature (of the environment and ecology). She was very devoted to her faith and to helping others. She made the long journey from her village in New York to a settlement in Canada so that she could live her faith in a Christian community. As you learn more about Jesus, you will be making a journey, too.

Discussion Starters

What are some of the ways that Kateri helps her village?
Do you think it was hard for Kateri to pray and learn about Jesus when other people in the village did not?
What gives you courage when it is hard to be brave?

Activity Sheet

Saint Kateri’s Trip

Saint Kateri’s Trip
Follow the map down the river. Color everything and enjoy all that you see on the journey.

Classroom Activity

Start a class timeline that shows what the class has learned and done together on their journey through the school year. Students can take turns adding new subjects they master, field trips they take, and events like a class party. Students can use pictures, essays, or drawings.



Celebrate Catholic Schools and Teachers

Elizabeth Ann Seton Teaches the Rosary

Saint ConnectionElizabeth Ann Seton: Mother for Many

Feast Day: January 4

Elizabeth Ann Seton established the first Catholic school in the United States and was the first U.S. native-born citizen to be canonized. She was known as Mother Seton because she had seven children of her own. See the book here.

Discussion Starter

Talk about times in Mother Seton’s life when she was happy, and let the kids share joyful memories of their own.

Activity Sheet

Mother Seton Teaches the Rosary

As children color, read the story for each of the Joyful Mysteries.

The Annunciation of Our Lord—Luke 1:26-33, 38
The Visitation—Luke 1:39-45
The Nativity of Jesus—Luke 2: 6-12
The Presentation in the Temple—Luke 2:25-32
The Finding in the Temple—Luke 2:41-50

Classroom Activity

Students can each be a bead or prayer in the rosary, and each child will say their prayer. Be sure to have someone to read aloud the mystery or the Bible passage.



Activities for Advent

The activities below are taken from the Saints of Christmas Activity Book, part of the Saints and Me! Saints of Christmas Collection and also part of the larger, very popular Saints and Me! series. Each activity has four components for you to use:

The story with a connection to the activity sheet
Discussions starters based on the saint’s story
The activity sheet lead-in that matches the theme of the story
An idea to carry the theme into later class activities

Nicholas of Myra: Giver of Many Gifts

Saint ConnectionNicholas of Myra: Giver of Many Gifts

Feast Day: December 6

Nicholas was a bishop who loved his people very much. He cared for the poor, treated people fairly, and always wanted to help others, without needing to be thanked. When a man in his town had three daughters who would never be able to be married because they had no dowry, he dropped a gold bag for each secretly in their home at night. To Nicholas, the joy he received from knowing this family had means have the three daughters married and live happy lives was more important than being recognized for giving the gift. His generosity lives on each year as people around the world celebrate his feast day. See the book here.

Discussion Starters

Why would St. Nicholas want to give his gift secretly and not be thanked?
Have you ever done a good deed for another without them knowing who did it?
How did it make you feel?
As a bishop, Nicholas took care of his people—he kept them from going hungry, protected the innocent, and lived his life as Jesus did, giving to others. What other kinds of traits makes someone a good leader?

Activity Sheet

Cubs By Tree Activity Sheet 

As you color the little bears at their Christmas tree, look around for all the hidden stars. They are hard to see like many of the people who are doing kind things for others.

Classroom Activity

Your class can have “Secret Santas” all year round and do special things for others. Any time someone does something nice for you (whether you know who it is or not), write down what they did on a piece of paper and put it in a special box. When the box is filled up with papers, take time to open it up, and read each of the kind things your classmates have been doing for one another.

Lucy: A Light for Jesus

Saint ConnectionLucy: A Light for Jesus

Feast Day: December 13

Lucy loved Jesus and wanted to be good like him. She lived in a time when people were told they could not be Christian or they would be put to death. Even though it was dangerous to say so, she never stopped her love for Jesus. See the book here.

Discussion Starters

When you are good to others, when you show others love and respect, everyone around you sees an example of the love of Jesus. You may not preach like the apostles did, but you are bringing Jesus’ message and love to others. And they may treat others well, too, learning from your example.

Another way to share Jesus’ love is sometimes called “paying it forward.” When someone does something nice for you, it makes you feel good inside. You want to share this happiness with others. You can do something kind for someone else. This is the best way to show your thanks, by passing the love on.

Activity Sheet

Advent Wreath Activity Sheet 

Color the Advent wreath, with 3 purple candles and 1 pink one.

Classroom Activity

Think of one kind thing you can do each week and color your flame bright when you do it. Share with the class the different kind things you have done. You might give someone else a good idea, too.

Mary and Joseph: Models of Faith and Love

Saint ConnectionMary and Joseph

Feast Day: The Sunday after Christmas (or December 30, if that Sunday after Christmas is January 1)

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are called the Holy Family. They are an example of faith in God and love for one another. See the book here.

Discussion Starters

Families come in all sizes and have many different types of family members. Joseph was a “foster” father—he cared for Jesus here on earth. But he loved Jesus as if he was his very own son. When Joseph would have taught him carpentry they would have shared special time together. Any time that you spend with your family is special. What is a favorite time you can remember?

Traditions are beliefs or ways of doing things that are passed down from parents to children. For instance, many people celebrate holidays by carrying out old family traditions. What is something your family does every year, for Christmas or for birthday or other holidays?

Activity Sheet

Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet 

Jesus would learn Joseph’s trade, learning to be a carpenter, as many parents today teach their children about their jobs or their hobbies, and share time together.

Classroom Activity

As a writing exercise, tell a story about one day at Jesus’ home. Maybe a day when Joseph needs to ask Jesus for help to finish a large project. Or Mary teaches Jesus how she makes bread.

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